All prices are inclusive of GST.

Prices relate to IMAX movies with a running time of  <60minutes only. 
Feature length films (60+ minutes) will be charged at $16.30 per student and $18.00 per adult.

Double Film Deal refers to two films, seen on the same date during our standard school sessions.

IMAX 2D/3D Films
(45 mins)
School Vacation care Tertiary/TAFE/Adult Learning Centre
Single film $9.50 $10.50 $10.50
Double film deal $17.00 $18.00 $20.00
Excursion partner deal
(IMAX only)
$8.50 $9.50 N/A
Adult supervisors Free at 1:10 ratio Free at 1:10 ratio Free at 1:10 ratio
Extra adults
(Per film)
$12.50 $12.50 $12.50