Mysteries of Egypt

Running Time: 45 minuets
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On the banks of the mighty River Nile an ancient kingdom rose to greatness, a kingdom whose culture has strongly influenced the western world. It’s colossal architecture, and the intrigue of kings and queens such as Tutankhamen and Nefertiti still capture the imagination of many thousands of years later.
This exciting giant screen film takes you on a voyage to Egypt to explore the ancient mysteries of this magical land.  Fly over pyramids, marvel at the beauty of the tomb paintings in the Valley of the Kings and experience moments in history through dramatic re-enactments.
Told through the eyes of a grandfather (Omar Sharif) and grand-daughter (Kate Maberly) in modern day Egypt, Mysteries of Egypt brings to life important chapters in Egyptian history; witness the building of pyramids and temples, the military exploits of the pharaohs and the drama of the tomb robbers. Wintess as Tutankhamun's mummy is ceremoniously placed in his tomb and feel the excitement as Howard Carter rediscovers it 3300 years later.
With a dedicated team of scientists, Mysteries of Egypt will explore this magnificent culture and the civilization that built it, bringing the wonder of Ancient Egypt to life.