Egypt 3D: Secrets Of The Mummies

Running Time: 45 minutes
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Egypt 3D: Secrets of the Mummies allows audiences to explore the mysterious world of ancient Egypt through the fabric of its ancient mummies and monuments. Part historic journey and part scientific adventure the key historical thread of this movie is the re-enactment of one of the great discoveries in modern history: the late 19th century find of a cache of forty mummies, including twelve Kings of Egypt, among them, the legendary Ramses the Great.

Egypt 3D: Secret's of the Mummies will immerse audiences in the grandeur and spectacle of ancient Egypt, meeting both Ramses and the love of his life, Queen Nefertari. This real life Indiana Jones adventure of grave robbers and hidden treasure is interwoven with the tale of the evolution of science. Witness moments during Ramses reign over 3,000 years ago and see one of the great ancient marvels of the world, Abu Simbel, being built. See how modern day analysis of mummies and their DNA is not only increasing our understanding of ancient Egypt, but providing potentially valuable clues to our future as well.

Travel back in time to a world full of wonder, mystique and intrigue, exploring Egypt through the dramatic canvas of the giant IMAX screen.